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  • RLS R3 3D Printer
  • RLS R3 3D Printer
  • RLS R3 3D Printer
  • RLS R3 3D Printer

RLS R3 3D Printer

The RLS3d R3 3D printer is perfect for STEM education and 3D printing enthusiasts alike. With its Core XY structure, it prints faster and smoother than other models. The printer's large print volume of 300*300*350mm allows for bigger and more complex projects. The R3 also boasts dual Z-axis motors and high-quality linear guides on all three axes, ensuring precision in your prints. Plus, with the resume printing function after power outages and filament sensor, you'll never have to worry about losing progress on your prints again.
  • Nozzle Size          0.4mm

    Molding Platform Size     300*300*330mm

    Printing Accuracy             ±0.1-0.2mm

    XY Axis Positioning Accuracy        0.01mm

    Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy          0.0025mm

    Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm

    Printing Method               Micro SD card

    Display  3.5-inch Color Touch Screen

    Machine Speed 10~1000mm/s

    Printing Speed   20-200mm/s

    Max Extrusion Head Temperature             260C

    Max Hot Bed Temperature           110C

    Duel Sided Flex Bed

    Support Filament              PLA/ABS/PETG etc.

    Filament Diameter           1.75mm

    Software Format               STL, OBJ, JPG

    Print File Format               Gcode

    Power supply     220V/110V 360W

    Operating System            Windows

    Support Software             Repetier-Host, Cura

    Machine Size      L485*W460*H590mm

    Machine Weight               14KG


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